Born on the planet Eceleron, the Zul'ir are a humanoid race that has multiple horns protruding from their heads and pointy ears. Their skin tone ranges from light grey to soft blues and purples. They are gifted intellectually and blessed with spiritual sensitivity. They have pointy teeth, are agile and are resistant to the cold. Responsibilities are given based on talent and ability that is demonstrated. They have longevity and can live for centuries.

Many of the Zul'ir tribes spend their time chasing knowledge. They send out teams on expeditions to explore the ancient Specter ruins found on their planet and others. In their quest to advance technologically, the Zul'ir hope to create a device that will make Eceleron a more hospitable place to live.



The Turvoc are one of the species who live in the frozen wastes on the planet Eceleron. They are large creatures, tall and lanky. Their fur is as white as the Eceleron snow, and their skin a pale blue. The Turvoc have a bone plating that protrudes from their heads. At an early age they imbed irylite into this bone. It is said they use these stones to communicate with their ancestors. And that this practice helps with spiritual protection. Some of the Turvoc tribes are nomads, traversing the land in large roving bands or caravans. Others make their homes in caves. Learning the art of honing their skills in weapon crafting or tinkering. Many tribes make their weapons using metals found within the mountains and imbue them with an irylite salve. The belief is that the spirits will help them in battle.

Many Turvoc make statues of the elders of their families before they pass on the title. Before a Turvoc dies if they are an elder they must name a line of succession for their family. Once the line is made it must be respected by the other members. It is a great honor to be named successor and a great responsibility to lead and manage their house. The statue is created of the likeness of the Elder. And Irylite stones are embedded inside of it, to house the ancestors spirit. The elder can use the stones to communicate with their loved ones after they have passed onto the next plane of life. Although it takes a very large amount of concentration and prayer to summon the spirit back.



A slim humanoid race with a bone-like structure on the outside of their body acting as a shell or armor. Highly resilient and can withstand physical strain/struggle. The Ishalli are short and lean in stature while also sporting sleek tails. They have hairless bodies, and gills to breathe underneath Eceleron’s oceans. They originate on Eceleron, worshiping the moon. The Ishalli have psionic powers being able to harness that psionic power and use it as a weapon. Their elders lose their ability to speak but instead gain telepathy. They live underneath the ice of Eceleron in the frozen lakes. The Ishalli have bubble shielded settlements within the ice. A force field is created by using mined irylite that fell into the ocean. The irylite is hooked up to a shield reactor which is set for the size of the settlement. This force field keeps out intruders who wish to do them harm.


The Ishalli pray to ancient fossils of what they believe to be their ancestors from long ago under the ice. They sit in a meditative state, communing with the energy from the fossil. This helps to grow their psionic abilities. Occasionally it has been known that the spirits that inhabit the fossils will speak to the elders of the Ishalli during this meditation time.



The Lherin were born on the planet Eceleron and are a humanoid half werewolf race that has fur across their whole body. As they get older they become more wolf like. The elders become full-fledged werewolves once attaining enlightenment. They believe that the strongest and most cunning enough to seize power should rule. They live in warring tribes in forested areas throughout Eceleron.


The Lherin use battle as a form of ceremony and see war as an art. There is a kind of beauty they find in the struggle for life, and in the calmness of death. This weeds out the weak among them and keeps their people strong. During religious events there is almost always some form of battle, young blood warriors challenging each other to duels. Or if one is so bold, to challenge an elder Lherin to battle. These battles are followed by singing, dancing as well as howling to the sky above. Feasts are common to celebrate victories among the leading tribes, but they are also a ground for coups against the leader of the tribe as a way to seize power.




The Cathwei were born on the planet Ater. They have four arms and a hard-outer shell of scales that covers their bodies. They are an omnivore humanoid race living in the dunes and mountainous regions, preferring to live underground in caves and the warm climate of the desert. Their societies are run by judges appointed by the elders of their tribes. They are a secretive and sneaky bunch, priding their traditions and folklore. The Cathwei are excellent marksmen, being able to fire multiple arrows at once. They are also formidable warriors due to their four arms. The Cathwei warriors are able to keep multiple foes at bay because they can hold multiple weapons in each of their hands. This makes dealing with them a hassle in combat. The Cathwei have the ability to see in the dark, due to their endeavors in caves.


There are two species of Cathwei, normal Cathwei who live above ground and Cathwei Dwellers who live underground. Dwellers have religious ceremonies in the complete darkness of the underground depths of Ater. While the Cathwei tribes on Ater's surface fight to fend off the advances of the Arwyn's growing empire, the Dwellers live relatively peaceful lives in the undergrowth; while being seen as alien and savage by those who dwell on the surface.



Born on Ater, the Arwyn are an avian race who have strong religious beliefs in their God who they believe to be the creator of Ater. They are humanoid with all the features of an avian. They live in jungle and desert locations. Many Arwyn have a lust for power, and this shows in their kingdoms and government. The ruling forces of their theocracy often use fearmongering in order to control the populace and are focused on planet domination. Some of the Arwyn scientists believe that their ancestors were a kind of dinosaur like creatures. They believe that by traveling through to other planets they will become stronger and eventually live up to the strength of their ancestors, reuniting with them. The Fyronian Dominion has taken to kidnapping Lugdol off their planet Jirda, and forcing them to do slave labor on Atan’s vessel.


There are different tiers of Arwyn, those who have wings on their backs are considered royalty. Next are those whose wings are apart of their arms, and last are those without wings. The Arwyn evolved from a bird-reptile ancestor. Some still harness the power of their old blood and can transform into a beast-kin variant of their ancestors. These are among the highest regarded Arwyn, and are more dangerous. Ingesting the blood of the ancients allows an Arwyn to transform. The transformation can be very painful and very difficult to control.




The Junyda (JUNE-DAH) are an aquatic race of humanoids who have tentacles in place of hair. They have large dark fish like eyes and originated on Jirda. They prefer tropical climates and are ruled by councils made up of elders from the different tribes. Generally living in the coastal and inland areas away from the Serhai. They are physically strong and have regenerative abilities in water. Often mariners and seafarers, many become pirates and are feared across the seas of Jirda. The markings on their heads signify male and female. Some are wards asking for strength, protection, fortune or fertility. The markings have great spiritual significance and more are added depending on the tribe to mark the individual as one of that flock.


The Junyda carry shrines on their ships for spiritual protection when traversing Jirda’s harsh seas. The stones are mined from precious minerals found on the ocean floor. The creation of these stones are very ceremonial, many craftsmen and members of the community work on the stone. Each person blesses it, one by one personally representing their family. It is then brought onto the ship and acts as a boon against evil. Every time there is a new ship that is crafted, a new stone must be mined and carved as well.



The Serhai are humanoid lizard warriors who live in tribes on Jirda. Serhai value military power. Every tribe member does their duty to protect the tribe and be a warrior. They are much larger than humans and are very good allies with the Lugdol. The Serhai occupy many of the jungles on Jirda, often having the Lugdol live alongside them.


The Ancient Serhai lived in an age steeped in war. Tribe fought against tribe, and a warrior culture blossomed throughout the continent of



The Lugdol originated on Jirda and are a frog like species. They value engineers, scientists and all forms of technological advancement. These technological experts are in control of decision making, and they are strong allies to the Serhai who provide the military expertise. The Lugdol are not very strong physically but are incredibly intelligent. Many Ludgol have been kidnapped by Arwyn slavers for their high intelligence to build Constructs for them.


There are two types of Lugdol species, the inland Lugdol and the Coastal Lugdol. The Inland Lugdol make their homes in the dense jungles on Jirda’s islands and land masses. They are the inventors and scientists, often developing new technology. The Coastal Lugdol are the engineers and are unable to leave the water for extended periods of time. Due to this, Arwyn slavers who travel to Jirda often will capture the more innovative Inland Lugdol rather than the Coastal. Upon Traveling back to Ater where these new slaves would be put to work, there is little to no water compared to on Jirda. Maintaining the amount of water needed for these coastal Lugdol would be a taxing endeavor that the Arwyn outright avoid. Inland Lugdol resemble more tortoises in appearance than their coastal frog-like counterparts.



Large muscular humanoid creatures with small tusks and angular bone outcroppings on their heads. They value strength and all within their tribes must learn the art of war. The Ociern make their home on Jirda, developing military strongholds throughout the lands. Most of the Ociern live near the volcanoes that are spread throughout the planet. The Ociern are very good smiths and engineers, enjoying metalworking, creating unique weapons and armor with metal and obsidian. They are weary of outsiders and revel in battle.


Before being driven out of Kanalida by the Junyda, the Ociern were rather peaceful. The rarely had war, and any disagreement they had was settled in a sacred ritual duel. In this duel the strongest members of each tribe would come together at a ritual spot and do battle. The victors of the battle would claim responsibility over how the disagreement would be settled. The losing tribe would be at their mercy. But upon being forced to settled in Oshmiren, the Ociern adapted to a warrior lifestyle. Of which they had to be stern and persevere to survive in their new hostile environment. Ritual duels are still done within Ociern culture today, but in Oshmiren they are usually seen as an affront to one's honor. These duels are now done to the death. Although the victor, like in ancient times, is able to decide the fate of their defeated opponent. Storytellers are very important in Ociern culture to keep their original culture alive. They are held in the highest regard and it is an honor to receive training to gain the knowledge of their ancestors.



The specters are considered an ancient and mystical race. The only time specters are ever seen are when they bestow spiritual powers unto a person or if they have some sort of vision to deliver as a message.They are planeswalkers and are made partly of the essence of the irylite crystals used to help the mortal races traverse the planes while using the portals. 


Specters communicate by linking their light with another specter or being and then relaying information conscience to conscience. Specters are able to leave information by inhabiting an object to become a vessel. They would leave part of their light within this vessel and it would then be readable to other Specters. This energy just makes itself known as light to other species who are unable to decipher the information all on their own.


Specters cannot be killed by normal means, if they are defeated in battle they retreat to another plane to restore themselves. Only a deity can successfully strike down a Specter, removing them from existence.



The Morhida are a brother race to the Junyda, occupying both planets of Jirda and Ater. Distant relatives to the Junyda, they prefer heat to wet climates. Junyda had migrated to Ater and over time became a new species. Some Morhida make pilgrimages to Jirda to see their ancestors homeland. 

 Parts of their petals are white to reflect the sun. Other parts are blue to show their ancestry from the Junyda. Their skin is layered with leaf shaped petals and they possess horn like features on their heads. Most commonly there are three horns, but some are known to have up to five. Some groups like the Junyda, place markings on their heads signifying male and female. Although, these markings are different and hold a different meaning to the Morhida. They practice body painting and adornment.