Jirda is a tropical oceanic planet, home to many jungles and islands. Jirda lies in the Phodran System and has a yellow dwarf star. The Junyda, Serhai, Lugdol and Ociern all call Jirda their home. New islands are often created due to the high number of volcanoes erupting off the coast of the mainland on the planet.



Snow/glacier planet with a frigid climate, consisting of taigas, tundra and glacial areas farther north. Eceleron orbits the Voltis System whose star is a red dwarf. On Eceleron life is a constant battle and only the strong and adaptable survive. The races that call Eceleron home are the Zul'ir, Lherin, Turvoc and Ishalli.



Ater is an arid planet with a very warm climate. Ater orbits a star system which has a binary star, with a blue and yellow dwarf. The Cathwei, Arwyn, Chirin, and Morhida make their home on Ater. Ater is known for its harsh deserts and fluidized seas of sand. Though where there is water vegetation does grow.

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