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I started this project back in December of 2017. Since then I have written hundreds of pages of lore pertaining to the overall universe. There are over twenty different intelligent species, several planets, and a long timeline of history. The universe is composed of different cultures of varying technological advancement. The species are able to travel between the three "living worlds" through the use of colossal portals that are on each of the planets. The three living worlds contain not only abundance in life but also intelligent life, whereas the rest of the universe seems barren or elusive in producing life. All of the species that I have created are based off of animals in some form or another. I take inspiration from real life science and historical cultures around the world to help expand my vision for the worlds within this universe. I have created five different ages that span across hundreds of thousands of years. I have spent time developing the history across these different ages and look forward to writing stories following characters within them.


Right now I am writing a novel that will take place on one of the living worlds, Jirda. Jirda is a lush tropical planet with large bodies of water and covered in islands. Jirda is home to the Serhai, Lugdol, Ociern, and Junyda. This story focuses on the continent of Niuchus, in the land's southern marshes. Niuchus is home to the Serhai, a species of lizard humanoids. Rumors of disappearances are being more prominent as people report hearing strange sounds at night and seeing their loved ones wander off into the dark. Bodies are later found emaciated and covered in a crystalline substance. In this first book, we follow a young Serhai courier from one of the tribes of Niuchus in his journey to discover the mystery behind the deaths and disappearances; traveling to the different regions that encompass Niuchus and uncovering the ancient past of Niuchus itself.

PT Niuchus Southern Map.jpg
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