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About Me


I am a sculptor currently based in CT. I have sculpted since I was four years old using Sculpey clay as a medium. I went to college at the University of Hartford and graduated with a Double Major in Ceramics and Sculpture and a Minor in Art History. During my time at the University of Hartford I found my calling in my work. I was encouraged to create my own universe and have continued the enormous project of worldbuilding since then. All of my work features an aspect of this massive world that I have been building since December of 2017.

In addition to sculpting, I have taken up writing to world build and organize my ideas for this universe. I am currently writing a novel that will be the first entry into what I hope will be a massive volume of stories told from characters in different time periods. And I have also started drawing digitally to help bring the world to life, and help me visualize the characters and places that I am creating. I am a fan of all things Sci Fi and Fantasy, and love to research ancient and medieval history. With my work I hope to make my vision for this universe into a reality, bringing entertainment, investment and satisfaction to those who consume it.

You can find articles written about Philip and his work by Castle Hill at the Truro Center for the Arts and NOT REAL ART below.

Castle Hill:


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